44 minutes | Jun 9, 2021

Issuers, Acquirers and Schemes perspectives | Peter Bayley

Welcome to Payments & More, Allyiz Show hosted by Nico Vedrenne, CEO Allyiz. In today’s episode, Peter Bayley joins the conversation. Peter has 30 years of experience in the payment industry and most recently joined the Allyiz team. After over three years at Santander, Peter spent nearly 20 years heading up the risk and fraud strategy for Visa. During his time at Visa, he held various roles as the Global Head of Ecosystem Risk Oversight and Strategy and also served as Visa’s Global Head of Fraud Strategy & Exec Director Ecosystem Risk, Europe. Additionally, Peter has been named to the Global Board of Directors for the Merchant Risk Council in 2014, a global forum for e-commerce fraud and payments professionals. The conversation starts with Peter’s views on acquisitions, payment methods, and recommendations to de-risk the payment business. Nico and Peter also discuss the importance of liability, risk, and motivation. Find out about opti-mizing the relationships of those involved with the fraud and chargebacks being incurred. Learn about a proactive strategy and how systems are diversifying and becoming more sophisticated. They chat about security related acquisitions and acquisition “bubbles”. Where is the future going with schemes? Is there a plan for a European system? Peter shares his ideas on the effectiveness of the plans already in place and how there would need to be a considera-ble uniqueness to whatever people may present for it to take root. Find out the three things he says people need to consider—from understanding how the system works, to having data feeds and relevant info, and the agility to do something about the recognized problems. And don’t miss out on the importance of looking at your data! Please review, share, and subscribe where you listen to your favorite podcasts! Timestamps: 0:47 Guest Peter introduced 1:47 Peter welcomed on 4:04 Praise for Peter 5:38 Key principals to de-risk the payment system 8:35 Where is the trend going? 13:48 Top 3 merchant questions 17:15 What’s the end game? 22:00 The “bubble” in acquisitions 23:35 Diversifying and alternative payment methods 30:00 A European plan? 32:08 Golden Minute 36:40 Failure and lesson learned 40:35 Peter’s dream present 42:55 One word to the industry: data Please like, share and subscribe wherever you get your favorite podcasts! Check out the full episode notes at www.allyiz.com
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