24 minutes | Jul 13, 2021

037 - 15 signs it's time to look for another veterinary clinic job

15 signs it’s time to change jobs + 4 next steps

1.       By the time Sunday night comes around, you’re in “dread mode” – you dread going to work on Mondays

2.       Time drags – you struggle to immerse yourself and be in the zone like you used to

3.       Little things start getting you down and you no longer believe in the clinic like you used to … favouritism, perhaps things don’t get fixed fast – it’s always been like that but now it starts to get you down … there’s never any money for upgrades – that didn’t bother you before but now it’s really starting to grind you down.

4.       There’s no sense of team or unity and it feels like everything is about to implode.  There’s no leadership – everyone’s pulling in different directions and/or allowed to get away with blue murder – tardiness, not following SOPs, lateness, questionable ethics, bullying

5.       You feel like you’re not growing professionally and there’s little chance of anything changing in the near future.  You could do your current role with your hands tied behind your back and blindfolded – there’s no longer the challenge of growing and/or doing better

6.       You feel invisible …unappreciated… taken for granted

7.       Technology is advancing but you’re getting left behind

8.       You have to fight and argue for CPD investment 

9.       Your life is totally out of balance

10.   You no longer feel you’re being recompensed / rewarded for what you’re doing – on-call, a/h, etc

11.   You often think things like “what’s the point?”, “why do I bother?” “what’s going to change?”, “why am I here?”

12.   You see others getting ahead, getting the good jobs, getting the CPD but you’re being left behind

13.   Your role has slowly morphed into something you don’t like / want to do and you have no idea how that happened … little tweaks over time and you’re where you are now

14.   You’ve noticed an uptake in your personal life of things that don’t support you in being the best you can be:  weight gain / excessive loss, smoking, drugs, alcohol, depression, apathy, and other self-destructive behaviours

15.   Even if your salary was increased by 50% or 100% you’d still feel the same way about what you’re doing / where you’re doing it

Listen to this episode to determine your four next steps if you can relate to any of the above.

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