30 minutes | Jul 6, 2021

036 - veterinary clinic employee exit Interviews + off-boarding + recent immigration & employment news

The WHAT, WHY, WHEN & HOW to conduct EXIT INTERVIEWS at your Veterinary Clinic

Questions to ask at Exit Interviews

  1. What is their reason for leaving?
  2. Do you feel you had opportunities for growth or promotion within this clinic?
  3. How well do you believe your work was recognised and appreciated?
  4. Do you feel you were given adequate training and assistance?
  5. How fairly were the rosters / after hours / on call requirements distributed among you and other veterinarians / peers?
  6. Working conditions and culture?
  7. Workplace policies?
  8. Tools and equipment?
  9. How do you feel you were treated by the lead vet / your manager?
  10. What did you enjoy most about working here?
  11. Have you been thinking about this for a while?   What could we have done differently?
  12. What was the one-thing that finally brought about your decision to leave?
  13. What do you think would make this clinic a better place to work?

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