10 minutes | Jul 29, 2021

Stormy seas for couples - infidelity

Have you been on the receiving end of an infidelity, having been cheated on by a current or previous partner? Perhaps you yourself have been unfaithful to someone you loved?   Then you know how the trust gets shattered and how it leaves you feeling a full range of emotions, from sadness, anger and anxiety, to guilt and shame.    If you haven’t experienced infidelity, tune into this episode to understand the risk factors for this happening in your own relationship.    This brief solo episode of Pause Purpose Play is based on chapter 21 of my new book, The Lasting Connection, about developing love and compassion for yourself and your partner.    In this episode, I cover the first of three threats to relationship connection; infidelity.    Subscribe now to not miss the following two episodes, on how parenting and health problems can cause stormy seas in your relationship.      Order my book, The Lasting Connection, here To spend 90 days to develop love and compassion for yourself, join the online course, The Compassionate Couple, here Find me at www.thethomasconnection.co.uk Instagram: @the_thomas_connection Facebook: www.facebook.com/thethomasconnection Pause Purpose Play Facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/pausepurposeplay    This episode was edited by Emily Crosby Media
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