54 minutes | Mar 30th 2020

Ep 072 – Mark Lauren | Bodyweight Master & Best-selling Fitness Author

I know I’m not the only one who is getting an increased amount of target marketing on alternatives to gyms. Our current situation that has caused gyms to close didn’t change my routine at all b/c I don’t rely on one. The reason; my exercise strategy changed when I began following Mark Lauren’s programs in January of 2018.

His quote to me in this episode, which originally aired July 2018, has proven to be ahead of it’s time: “A critical and essential piece to long term fitness is being independent.” Here we discuss how to be independent of a gym membership, unnecessary equipment and much more.

Back on the show is former Air Force combat controller (CCT) Mark Lauren.  In episode 40, we discussed his early life, time in military and how he implemented his workouts in the CCT pipeline.  Now, we’re talking a little more about how he observed that the fitness industry at large was backward, ineffective, and unsustainable in it’s approach.  So, he created fitness programming that improves performance outside of the gym.

Lauren’s understanding of athletic fundamentals allows him to create exercise programs for all ability groups that improve performance and physical condition in record time, injury free, by mastering the fundamentals.

Bodyweight training is Mark’s calling in life.  And I’m a big believer in his philosophy and movements.

Today we talk about those programs and the success of his app at MarkLauren.com.

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*Originally aired July 9, 2018*

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