26 minutes | Oct 21st 2019

Greenebaum One Family: Indivisible

In the first half hour Patricia interviews Teri Emory, author of SECOND ACTS, her debut novel, is a literature professor at several universities and institutions It's amazing what you can accomplish, even with a broken heart. That is the real life mantra of author, Teri Emory, who will talk about her novel, SECOND ACTS, and how it got it's own second act. Join us to learn how Teri has navigated her way through the later-in-life issues of work, love, loss, relocation, family and travel -- and hear about her. In the second half hour Patricia interviews Steven Greenebaum, an Interfaith minister, teacher, choral director, Hollywood screenwriter and author. He holds Master’s Degrees in Mythology, Music and Pastoral Studies. He will discuss his new spiritual memoir, One Family: Indivisible that celebrates, rather than fears, our diversity. Tune in to find out how our diverse paths truly can break through the door to mutual respect.
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