25 minutes | Nov 19, 2020

GrowthForce’s Origin Story And The Man Behind The Business

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At a young age, Stephen King’s eyes were opened to how technology can be used to reduce manual labor and help small businesses succeed. That revelation sparked an eagerness to “learn the language of business” and acquire accounting and technology skills that would allow him to help small businesses and nonprofits grow.

In this introductory episode of Path To Profit, Martha DeFeo, Director of Marketing at Growthforce, interviews Path To Profit host and Growthforce President/CEO Stephen King about his professional journey.

Stephen talks about his time working at Ernst & Young, Amnesty International partnering with Insperity, his side hustles that led him to his passion, and the time he met Peter Gabriel and Bono. He also talks about:

  • His experiences from being an EY intern, the founder of a start-up and a President/CEO.
  • Lessons learned on managing people and the importance of a financial management strategy.
  • How he overcame the fear he felt starting Growthforce for the third time!
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