94 minutes | Oct 19th 2020

Joe’s Jumbotron Teleprompter | Guest: Stu Burguiere | 10/19/20

Just two weeks until the election. 28 million Americans have already voted... have you? Joe Biden’s teleprompter is getting bigger and bigger. More lies in Biden ads and more lies about endorsements. Joe Biden’s psycho supporters on the Left. Black Trump supporters call out racism in the Democrat Party. Joe Biden wants you to vote... we think ... as the Biden gaffe machine continues. Voter fraud in Minnesota. Ilhan Omar could be involved. Pat cleans out his soundboard. Keith Olbermann leaves ESPN … again. Alex Jones' hot take on what’s going on today. The Left teaches us how to protest. Fauci provides a little clarification on his quote that was used by the Trump campaign. Rob found Joe Biden’s future teleprompter! Joe Biden has a plan for law enforcement. Stu Burguiere stops by to talk about his COVID-positive experience. Joe Biden gives his thoughts about mandating masks. Kanye West releases a campaign ad.

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