94 minutes | Oct 20th 2020

Jake Tapper’s Joe Biden Penance | 10/20/20

More evidence implicating Hunter Biden and his computer. Social media’s deep connections to the Joe Biden campaign. Could there be Section 230 reform in the near future, or are the Republicans too weak... yet again? Governor Whitmer continues to lie to our faces. Is it hotter than hell … Michigan? Hunter’s ex-business partners are turning on him! A group of people protested Governor Cuomo by placing his books in a silver coffin. How COVID hysteria is causing other deaths in the country. Trump and Fauci argue over Twitter. Jake Tapper embarrasses himself defending Joe Biden. Journalists in 2020: What flavor of milkshake did Joe Biden get?? Don Lemon attacks Ice Cube for supporting Donald Trump. Jeff Toobin has been suspended for revealing himself on Zoom. How many more questions was Trump asked than Biden? We compare Donald Trump’s town hall to Joe Biden’s. Savannah Guthrie sure likes to interrupt the president of the United States. A New Zealand news anchor bombards an ex-politician with insults. Not much different than in America. NBC contradicts itself, accidentally agreeing with Donald Trump! Vaccine requirements for passports are coming...

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