54 minutes | Jun 7, 2020

How Disciplined Are You To Search, Class #2 of Leadership Development Series, The Master Class Initiative of Nigeria

Pastor Deborah welcomes the nations of Uganda and Bangladesh to join with others from Nigeria in Leadership Development Classes from The Master Class Initiative and founder Babatude Adekanmbi. Hear more about becoming a Leader within yourself and it's land called the spirit, soul and physical body. Ask yourself a serious question of How Disciplined To Search Are You. Are you really serious about learning, becoming more than you are and learning how to serve people and shepherd a nations resources of land, minerals, people and the animals. Do you want to change your life enough to change you nation and to become a King and Shepherd of a land and it's people. This Class begins asking you this vital question of yourself and your life. Come and Watch and Seek and Find. Discover and Become.
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