60 minutes | Jun 16th 2020

Episode 2: Rhett Miller

In this episode, host RJ Bee talks to Rhett about the reality of life as a musician, from his upbringing in Dallas to forming the Old 97s during the heyday of grunge, and how the meaning of success has changed over the years. Rhett tells RJ about balancing the band and his solo career, his writing ambitions, and what’s inspiring him as he looks ahead.

The show closes with Rhett performing three songs live from his home studio: “Lonely Holiday," "The Human Condition,” and “The MTA," by The Kingston Trio. You can see videos of these and all Past Present Future Live! exclusive performances on the Osiris Media YouTube channel.  

You’ll find original versions of these tracks, as well as other songs and artists mentioned in this episode, on the Past Present Future Live! Spotify playlist.

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