35 minutes | Aug 24, 2021

Your Job Is Your Launch Pad - Convo With Alex Sanfilippo

For people who don’t like their jobs, leaving might feel like the most natural thing to do. But for people like Alex Sanfilippo who absolutely loved working for the same company for 15 years, saying goodbye was not very easy. Lucky for him, he was able to realize first that the future he desired also relied on everything about his current job!  Join me and Alex as we talk about his courageous journey on taking a new direction. Instead of standing on ground zero, Alex was able to launch his own business using all his accumulated knowledge and strategies from his past company. Listen and get inspired by his story so you can value what you already know and leverage it for yourself in the future, just like Alex! Key points discussed Intro (00:00) Getting to know Alex Sanfilippo (05:24) Transitioning from ideas to intentions (08:54) The role of self-discipline (14:01) The bigger role of courage (18:28) Action-packed podcasts (27:06) True fulfillment over monetary desires (31:05) Follow Alex! (32:04) Additional resources Become a thought leader without quitting your job 👉 https://www.passionpodcast.com/ Listen to Alex Sanfilippo’s podcast  👉 http://podmatch.com/ 
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