118 minutes | Oct 25th 2020

226: Disc Room + The Red Lantern + Is The Oculus Quest 2 The VR For You?

The Pass The Controller Podcast is a show where a couple of best friends comment on the latest in gaming and nerd culture. In this episode, Brenden, Mike, and Todd sit down to chat what they've been playing, Disc Room, The Red Lantern, Fortnite's new Fortnitemare's mode, Final Fantasy VII Remake for some reason, Population: One, Rec Room, Beat Saber, and a deeper dive on the Oculus Quest 2 now that Brenden, Mike, and Todd all have had time with it. The pandemic isn't over, please wear a mask, please be responsible. Black Lives Matter. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE and LEAVE A REVIEW on iTunes! Shop our official store at: passthecontroller.threadless.com passthecontroller.io/store More delicious content at: passthecontroller.io/ patreon.com/passthecontroller twitter.com/passcontroller instagram.com/passcontroller twitch.tv/passcontroller discord.gg/zzSNaHt Intro & outro music courtesy of the Super Soul Bros. supersoulbros.com Episode sponsored by Goodnight Fatty goodnightfatty.com instagram.com/goodnightfatty