39 minutes | Feb 9th 2021

Succeeding against all odds to become a profile in success with Linda Rabbitt | Changemaker

In this episode of Partnering Leadership, Mahan Tavakoli speaks with Linda Rabbitt, the founder and chairman of Rand Construction, who is recognized as Washingtonian of the Year, and is in Washington's Business Hall of Fame. Linda shares her experiences overcoming breakage and setbacks, and how she used adversity as a motivator to achieve success.


  • Why and how  Linda Rabbitt started all over again at age 32 
  • Linda Rabbitt’s career at KPMG and how she rose in the organization
  • Linda’s bold step into the business world as a partner in the first female owned construction company in the Washington DC region
  • How building a support group of women in the real estate industry helped her grow her company and give back to others
  • Linda Rabbitt’s battle with cancer as she became chair elect of the Greater Washington Board of Trade
  • Linda’s passion for women in leadership and her advice to young female leaders on resilience

Also mentioned in this episode:

Steve Harlan, former Vice-Chairman-International at KPMG

Sherri Turner, Linda’s former business partner

Mark Anderson, partner at Rand Construction

Jon Couch, former president at Rand Construction

Zig Ziglar, author and motivational speaker

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Rand Construction’s Website

Rand Construction on Instagram

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