32 minutes | Jan 28th 2021

Disruption is hard but full of opportunity with Henna Inam | Thought Leader

In this episode of Partnering Leadership, Henna Inam, CEO of Transformational Leadership,  talks about her journey to discovering her authentic self, her book Wired for Disruption and on how to be agile through times of disruption.

Some highlights:

  • Henna Inam shared her story of rediscovering her purpose in life
  • Henna Inam talks about how to be your most authentic self and how to use that to be a force for good
  • The story behind writing the book Wired for Disruption
  • Henna Inam discusses the five different types of agility
  • Why empathy and self-compassion are critical to lead through disruption
  • Leading through shared ownership and shared action

Connect with Henna Inam:

Transformational Leadership Official Website

Transformational Leadership Podcast

Wired for Disruption Book

Henna Inam on LinkedIn

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