37 minutes | Jan 19th 2021

An inspiring vision to eradicate poverty with Dr. Mark Bergel | Changemaker

In this episode of Partnering Leadership, Dr. Mark Bergel, Co-founder of Shared Humanity Project, talks about his incredible life experiences and shares his profound love for humanity and how it molded his character to be the kind of leader he is now along with his vision to eradicate poverty. 

Some highlights:

  • Mark Bergel’s upbringing and impact on his service mindset
  • How morality created a foundation for successful leadership
  • Mark Bergel’s life-changing moment
  • How Mark leads the community in supporting his vision of eradicating poverty.
  • Leadership to change culture and have a positive impact

Also mentioned in this episode:

A Wider Circle

Jurg Siegenthaler, Prof Emeritus Sociology at American University

David Bohm, Author Wholeness and the Implicate Order

Frederick Taylor, Author Scientific Management

Peter Senge, Author, The Fifth Discipline

Leo Buscaglia, Author, Living, Loving and Learning

Dr. Katherin Phillips, Co-Founder, Shared Humanity Project

Robert Karch, Professor Health Studies at American University

Richard Feynman, American theoretical physicist


Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra

Dancing Wu Li Master by Gary Zukav

The Fifth Discipline by Peter Senge

Connect with Mark Bergel:

Shared Humanity Project

National Poverty Plan

Mark Bergel on LinkedIn

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