66 minutes | Apr 1, 2021

Pills, Baby!

Mayor Gunderson has passed away, so the town needs to find a new mayor. That means Ben and April are on the job search for a suitable replacement. It’s a who’s who of Pawnee’s finest (and most ridiculous), and Garry is there to notarize whatever happens. But wait! This episode is called two funerals, so there must be another one — and Ron finds out it’s someone close to him. He, Donna, and Andy all pay their respects to a terrific barber.Meanwhile, Leslie convinces Tom that now is the time to propose to Lucy. Ever the showman, Tom decides he wants a multimedia proposal, which involves destroying a jewelry store, a lot of banners, and a live chorus. It ain’t subtle…or is it?Plus, the sturdiness of jewelry store glass cases, “famous” shows we haven’t seen, and Haleigh and Sean GO OFF about the stupid rules of basketball, from intentional fouling to spending 15 minutes dissecting Zapruder Film-esque replays of a ball possibly deflecting off of a player’s shorts.EPISODES7, E11: Two FuneralsDRINKS OF THE EPISODEJoey and Haleigh: Ben Davis Cider from Texas Keeper CiderySean: Sean MargsTOP 5 OF THE EPISODESeries Finales (YES THERE ARE A FEW SPOILERS, SEAN APOLOGIZES)CATEGORIESComic Strips
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