81 minutes | Jan 21, 2021

Chicagoooo! The Big Apple!

Leslie and Ron are still fighting with each other and trying to sway votes from council members. But perhaps they can put their differences aside for a few minutes to rescue Jamm from the clutches of Tammy 2?Meanwhile, Tom and Andy travel to Chicago, and Lucy makes another appearance. How fun. Donna and Terry drop by for about six seconds, and April has a mild career crisis. To the morgue it is!Plus, the joys of drizzling honey onto your pepperoni pizza, a Kids Bopz version of Gangsters Paradies, the different meanings of IBS, Haleigh gets her first taste of Twitter, and the burdens of living a sedentary lifestyle.Also, we totally recorded this before Inauguration Day so don’t forget to check out our bonus episode highlighting Parks and Rec star Joe Biden, too!EPISODES7, E2: Ron & JammyDRINKS OF THE EPISODEJoey: Blind Lemon from Deep Ellum BrewingHaleigh: The Dark Side from Bishop CidercadeSean: Honey BrownTOP 5 OF THE EPISODEMid-30s CrisesCATEGORIESBaseball Terms
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