104 minutes | Apr 29, 2021

A Parks and Recreation Pandemic Special

Goodness, this is a weird one. But would you expect anything less from the FINAL EPISODE EVER?! The Parks and Rec crew reunite several years after the series finale, hosting a handful of Gryzzl one-on-one and conference calls. All of our favorites are here — Leslie and Ron have a couple of touching heart-to-hearts and Donna is looking exceptionally good with her gorgeous lighting in her closet. We’ve got lots of fun cameos from folks like Councilman Jamm, Dennis Feinstein, Joan Callamezzo, Perd Hapley, and Jean-Ralphio, who is flush with cash but INCREDIBLY bored. If only that fake phone number actually worked… Meanwhile, the writers have to get creative on how show couples like Ann and Chris and April and Andy can’t be seen together. If you rewatch this episode, you may notice a couple of the very overused phrases like “these trying times,” but hey, we didn’t know what was to come back then. Plus, this episode raised at least $3 million for Feeding America, which is fantastic. Plus, we dive into popular club hits from the late 00s and early 10s, put on a ton of wacky sound effects, and discuss the people who have won an EGOT (they’re hard to guess!). Also, does Sean need to buy himself a coffee machine? Doing this podcast has been a blast and we’ve loved hanging out with you every week. But this isn’t goodbye forever. We’ve got some cool things planned — keep an eye here and on Facebook and Twitter for updates! EPISODEA Parks and Recreation Special DRINKS OF THE EPISODEJoey: Suntori Whisky TokiHaleigh: Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka with Blood Orange SodaSean: Tequila, Sake, Devils River Bourbon Whiskey, and Fireball Cinnamon Whisky TOP 5 OF THE EPISODESean Moments from the Pandemic CATEGORIESStreaming Services
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