39 minutes | Jun 27, 2020

57: Nobel's Chef Sebastian Gibrand; Kentucky BlueGrass Cooking PGf+w June '20 © Paige Donner

Episode 57 Paris GOODfood+wine June 2020 "Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for." Epicurus For our Bonus Episode of Season 6, now that we're well into the summer, we'll be hearing from Chef Sebastian Gibrand. He has been the chef for the Nobel Prize – including the Peace Prize – Gala Dinner for the past few years. He has even been entrusted with creating and planning the starter and main courses. All this at just 32 years old. & For the second half of our episode 57 of Paris GOODfood+wine, I'll be reading an excerpt ripped from the pages of an archived Southern-style-cooking cookbook called, The Blue Grass Cookbook. It was compiled by Minnie Fox and published in 1904. Music Free of Rights Intro&Outro: 'BadAss' by BensoundMusic Show interstitials: Finger Pickin' Good by Craig Austin From https://www.proudmusiclibrary.com/en/genre/bluegrass Contact Paige Donner @http://PaigeDonner.info for collaboration, speaking, media queries Show NOTES: http://localfood.wine Tasting Notes: Chérie du Vin http://cherieduvin.wordpress.com http://bordeauxfoodandwine.com @localfoodwine @parisfoodwine @bordeauxfoodvin
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