20 minutes | Mar 15, 2020

54: Wine, Supply Chain and COVID-19 PGf+w March 2020 By Paige Donner ©

Episode 54 Paris GOODfood+wine The theme of our March 2020 Paris GOODfood+wine episode, broadcasting here from Paris, France, focuses on the coronavirus and its impact on global supply chains, namely as it relates to wine. For this, we speak with supply chain expert Alain-Xavier Wurst, who talks to us about the bottlenecks in supply chain that wine a shipments have been experiencing as it arrived in China during February and the first part of March. There is also an impact on food shipments. In this global economy, interestingly, there has been a shift in food culture in the past decade that has us focusing more on local produce and locally sourced foods. An article from last week in Nielsen.com says that this pandemic spotlights the wisdom of 'Locally Grown,' in regards to food. Like most people here in France this week, I'm working from home. Saturday evening the French Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe, announced that as of Sunday all cafes, restaurants and shops would be closed. Only the essentials, like boulangeries (gotta love the French and their love for their fresh daily baguettes , croissants et pain au chocolat!), pharmacies and grocery stores would remain open. Music by (All free of rights) Freesoundtrack.com : Emotional Epic Fresh Sound, Urban Zen BensoundMusic.com : Jazzy Piano Show Notes: http://localfoodandwine.wordpress.com & on http://cherieduvin.wordpress.com Find Paris GOODfood+wine on Paris Food And Wine, Bordeaux Food And Wine, Vancouver Food And Wine, Okanagan Food And Wine, Chérie du Vin and @parisfoodwine and @bordeauxfoodvin © Paige Donner 2020
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