8 minutes | Jan 27, 2019

002: IUI - not "Eye to Eye" like the Kajagoogoo song

It's IUI, not "Eye to Eye" like the Kajagoogoo song... Yet, everytime I hear the initials, that song comes into my head. This episode is about our first and only IUI. Going through it? About to? Just want to learn more about a woman's hormones? Listen.... -- Kathryn Janicek Kathryn is in her forties and Ted is in his fifties. Kathryn was a television executive producer for 20 years and she's now a public speaking trainer and media coach. Ted has been in healthcare technology for 20 years. Kathryn built her own company and wanted to build a family. Ted had bladder cancer years before they met, so they knew having a baby would be tough. But not THIS tough. Come along as they figure out how to be "Parents After 40." Hosts: Kathryn Janicek and Ted Wright Produced by: Kathryn Janicek (www.kathrynjanicek.com) Edited by: Kirie Quackenbush (www.digitalKirie.com)
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