19 minutes | Jun 2, 2020

007 Teresa's Tale About Tapping

It can be frustrating if traditional therapy does not appear to be working optimally for you or for your child.  Teresa and Kelly discuss the self-help tool known as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or “Tapping”.  When we tap, the stress hormones released into our bodies reduce significantly.  As they dissipate, the brain comes back online and is available for rational thought and problem-solving.  Research has shown this strategy to be incredibly effective, especially for kids with non-neurotypical brains (as their brains tend to be more reactive than neurotypical brains).If you are interested in finding a certified and accredited EFT practitioner in your area, please check this directory.Here at the Parenting Balance Podcast, you'll find simple, science-based tools and tricks for parenting kids with ADHD or anxiety. Although we are both family therapists, this podcast is for informational purposes only and should not replace the guidance of a qualified professional. Join us as we debate and discuss our own experiences as parents of kids diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety and breakdown the latest research into easily digestible portions. We created this podcast to educate, inspire hope, explore new ideas and discover together what we know to be true: you are not alone, and finding a community of support can make all the difference. Please join our Parenting Balance Podcast Community here and sign up here to be the first in line for our new Modern Guide to Understanding Kids With ADHD mini-course.CTA to Magical Mornings
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