36 minutes | Oct 25, 2018

Episode 083: Gift or Curse? Changing How You Feel About Your Strong-Willed Child

How do you truly feel about raising a strong-willed child?  Do you love it? Or do you find it incredibly frustrating?  Do you feel disappointed that you got a child that is SO different than the one you were hoping for?  Do you find yourself feeling like you’re THAT parent, the one with the screaming child?  The one getting called by the school?  The one whose kid is picking on someone else and you just wish things were different? If so, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! Last episode, we talked about thinking positive thoughts about your strong-willed child.  But what if you can’t see anything positive?  What if they’re behavior has gotten you into a trap of seeing only negative in them? That’s what this episode is all about.  Parents and experts, Jeff and Laura Tesch, talk to us about how to change how we genuinely feel about raising a strong-willed child.  This episode was seriously so good for me and has helped me celebrate my strong-willed child instead of wish that I had an easy-going child.  I hope it helps you as well! Listen here.  Podcast summary coming soon.
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