45 minutes | Oct 15, 2018

Episode 082: When You Struggle With Negative Thoughts About Your Child

I have not wanted to admit it, but I have developed the habit of thinking REALLY negative thoughts about my strong-willed child.  It happened over time.  With each melt-down, back-talk, tantrum, act of defiance, act of aggression, etc. I thought more and more negative things.  Eventually, I found that I really struggled to think anything positive about my strong-willed child and that broke my heart. This led me to meeting with Janet Cazier, LCSW who helps parents get into a more positive place when parenting a challenging child.  Today we talk about a powerful way to see the good in your child again and genuinely enjoy parenting them more.  I don’t hesitate in saying that if you practice what she teaches, it will positively change your parenting experience big time. Please listen if you feel stuck in negative thoughts about your child at all and be sure to listen to the next episode as we will dive into this topic even more. Listen here.  Podcast summary coming soon.
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