36 minutes | Sep 4, 2018

Episode 079: Helping Strong-willed Kids Better Understand Themselves

I don’t know how many of you have had an experience where your strong-willed child has struggled socially, at school, or just with other people in general. Many people in our Facebook group, have said that they’ve been sad to see how their kids struggle with friends or in different social settings.  That can be really hard for us as parents because we want our kids to have a happy life. So we’re going to talk this month about some of those different interpersonal struggles that are strong- willed kids might have and how to set them up for success. Our strong-willed kids may not be aware of how their personality affects others.  This is true for all of us.  It’s amazing that even though you’re in your own body and in your own mind, you still can’t see things clearly. Our kiddos need our help to understand how their natural strengths and weaknesses can help or hurt in their relationships with others. Here’s six ways you can help them better understand: Listen here. Blog post version coming soon.
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