125 minutes | Apr 19th 2021

NFL Draft With Daniel Jeremiah, Super League With Troopz And Jake Paul's Fyre Fest Fight

The Super League has the soccer world going crazy and we're here to do a little bit of trolling (3:55 - 16:17). Jake Paul vs Ben Askren was a debacle but also weirdly entertaining (16:17 - 25:50). Respecting Steph Curry more (25:50 - 31:05). Who's back of the week including Chrissy Teigen on twitter (31:05 - 47:25). Daniel Jeremiah joins the show to break down the upcoming NFL Draft, guys rising and falling, quarterbacks ranked and more (47:25 - 86:48). Troopz joins the show to break down why the Super League is such a terrible thing for soccer and how much this has fucked fans up (86:48 - 115:36). We finish with an attempt to call Marlins Man.
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