70 minutes | Mar 12, 2020

Pangeekery S2 EP32: ft Emmett Furey, Writer For Ingress, Hulu's Devs talk, FF7 Demo Review

Join Earl, Jen, Walter and Kaitlyn as they sit down with Emmett Furey, writer for Niantic's Ingress, talk about Hulu's new show Devs from Alex Garland and Jen was able to play the FF7 Remake Demo and she LOVED it!

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THE TEAM: Producer: Rodney Cajudo

Production Manager: Arnold Basingat

Project Manager: Aaron Redman

Hosts: Earl Baylon, Kaitlyn Fae, Walter Talens, Jenapher Zheng

Crew: Jacob Ugalde, Jedi Curva, Krizia Chloe, Hazel Lozano

Equipment used on this episode: Tricaster Mini: https://amzn.to/3337fxa Behringer XR-18: https://amzn.to/38BvTq1

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