44 minutes | Oct 28, 2014

Panama Will Make YOU Smile!

In Panama! Show segment # 1 RICH Novak, THE Panama Man opens this weeks Panama! Show by offering up a little bit of Panamanian music... sung in Spanish of course & the opening song is about a Panama historical area now known as Panama Viejo... Panama City was founded 495 years ago in 1519... that's right 1519! When you visit Panama you most definitely should visit Panama Viejo. RICH Novak describes how the site of the original Panama City was totally destroyed by British pirate Henry Morgan in 1671... those that survived the pirates plunder relocated to a Panama City area now known as Casco Antiguo which is another Panama City area you should visit and take a walking tour of Casco Antiguo (old City)  Panama Show! segment 2 offers information about Freedom & Liberty. Come to Panama - Panama will make YOU smile!
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