44 minutes | Sep 16, 2014

Panama Friendly Nations Visa

Panama! Come to Panama… Panama will make YOU smile! RICH Novak THE Panama Man interviews two different Canadian citizens who are now living full time in Panama & they are both participating in Panama’s Friendly Nations VISA program. Jeff Hayden is affiliated with Playa Community… located in Coronado Panama. Jeff Hayden lives at the beach, surfs in the morning & then walks to work. For more info about Panama’s beaches please visit www.PlayaCommunity.com. Canadian citizen Troy Bell lives in Playa Blanca Panama full time – for more info about Troy Bell & RE/MAX please visit www.realtorpanama.com. When RICH Novak, THE Panama Man may answer any questions you may have about Panama and/or when RICH Novak may help you arrange a trip to Panama – contact info = isPanama4u@yahoo.com or 1-800-492-1888. RICH Novak THE Panama is available seven days a week. Come to Panama & Panama will make YOU smile!
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