44 minutes | Nov 24, 2014

Panama Freedom - Panama Liberty!

RICH Novak, THE Panama Man says "Come To Panama & Turn YOUR Frown Upside Down! Panama Will Make YOU Smile! This weeks Panama Show opens with the tune I Don't Speak Spanish - musical artists = Tropical Panama. Yes Panama is a Spanish speaking country. RICH Novak promises Listeners that in the very next Panama Show he will offer tips about how an Expatriate can not only survive - but maybe even thrive WITHOUT knowing how to speak Spanish. RICH Novak offers up the top six (6) very important reasons why YOU should not fear moving some of your assets "offshore".Learn more about how the many major Panama infrastructure projects are moving forward.Is the Republic of Panama safe? RICH Novak, THE Panama Man provides some of the answers to this very important question.Panama Show segment 2 provides vital ideas to help improve YOUR Freedom & Liberty.
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