42 minutes | Nov 11, 2014

Panama Freedom & Panama Liberty!

In Panama November is a month filled with celebrating Independence - so RICH Novak, THE Panama Man opens this week's Show with Panama's National Anthem. This November 3, November 4. November 5, November 10 & November 28 all are legal holidays somehow related to Panama's independence from Spain & then Independence from Colombia. That is correct a whopping total of five (5) legal holidays during November. Panamanians are enjoying plenty of time off from work now & maybe this is part of the reason why a recent Gallup survey ranked Panamanians as the #1 happiest people on this God's earth... with the most sense of happiness & well being... With regard to this Gallup survey which ranked Panama at the very top of the list... #1, Canada was ranked #10 happiest country & the United States finished outside of the top 10. So Come to Panama & Turn YOUR Frown Upside Down... Panama will make YOU Smile! During Panama! Show segment 2 RICH Novak, THE Panama Man offers vital information about Panama Freedom & Panama Liberty, Because November 11 is Veterans Day - RICH Novak is a Viet Nam War era veteran - the Panama! Show offers up tributes to all veterans with the music of "War" by Edwin Starr, the Viet Nam Wall Song, Raise Me Up & the Panama! Show concludes with the bugle sounds of Taps.When ever RICH Novak, THE Panama Man may help you arrange a visit to Panama - RICH is available 7 days a week to help you - email = richn@REMAX.net or toll free 1-800-492-1
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