44 minutes | Nov 4, 2014

Panama Freedom & Liberty!

RICH Novak, THE Panama Man opens this week's Panama! Show with a Tropical Panama tune titled "I don't speak Spanish" During a future Show RICH Novak will explain in detail how you also may be able to survive in the Republic of Panama with only very limited Spanish language skills. November is Panama's Independence month... that is correct month. During November, here in Panama - there are a whopping five (5) holidays related to Panama's independence - November 3 = Separation from Colombia, November 4 = Flag day, November 5 = Independence in Colon, November 10 = Independence from Spain & last but not least November 28 = Panama breaks ties from the Spanish crown. What a Country!!! The prestigious Gallup Organization surveyed 133,000 people in 135 different countries & RICH Novak offers more info about why Gallup ranked Panama #1 - Panama = the very top country for happiness & well being. During Show Segment 2 learn more about the civil forfeitures that are unfortunately taking place in the United States. At the close of this week's Show you can listen to the sound tracks of two You Tube videos that were created by The Institute for Justice - the first audio = Sourovelis vs. Philadelphia & the second audio that concludes the Panama! Show is about a Grandma in Iowa named Carole Hinders... For 38 years Carole has been the owner of Lady's Mexican Food Restaurant, but the IRS seized this innocent Grandma's bank account - REALLY! Visit www.IJ.org.Come to Panama!
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