44 minutes | Oct 14, 2014


RICH Novak, THE Panama Man offers up a little bit of Panamanian music to open this week's Show... Panama musical group featured = Canal Panama Folk. Recently the prestigious Gallup organization polled 133,000 people in 135 different nations about happiness & well-being... The results of this Gallup survey ranked the Republic of Panama as the #1 happiest Country on this God's earth. Canada ranked #10 & the United States finished out of the top ten. Listen to this week's Show for more info about the Gallup survey about global happiness & well-being. If you aren't truly happy where you are now - remember you are NOT a tree - Fortunately You & yours have mobility... Come To Panama & Turn YOUR Frown Upside Down! The Panama Man provides important information about Panama's Friendly Nation's VISA and Panama's Self-Economic Solvency VISA and also Panama's Pensionado (Retirement) VISA. International Living ranks Panama as the number one place for retirement :)!  Show segment #2 reveals vital information about FREEDOM & LIBERTY -Come to Panama... Panama will make you smile!
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