44 minutes | Sep 9, 2014

Come To Panama & Panama Will Make YOU Smile!

Panama Show Host RICH Novak is THE Panama Man - RICH Novak is a citizen of the United States but he & his wife Janet... and their Calico cat have lived full time in Panama since February 2007... RICH Novak & wife Janet are Panama Pensionados - Panama's Pensionado program may very well be the grand daddy of all offshore retirement programs - Panama Pensionados receive discounts on air fares, restaurants, hotels, prescription medicine & the list just goes on & on. During this week's Show RICH Novak shares the seven Magnificent reasons for you & yours to seriously consider Panama. When ever RICH Novak, THE Panama Man may help you arrange a trip to Panama call 1-800-492-1888 toll free or email ispanama4u@yahoo.com. RICH Novak, THE Panama Man is available 7 days a week. Come to Panama & Panama will make YOU Smile!
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