54 minutes | Aug 5, 2019

Season 1 Episode 07: A Conversation about Pamoja, Dopamine, and shared experiences podcasting and facing our fears

This was a fun episode to record! Unlike the usual, this one is different because Rehema (the host) is interviewed by Judith Otala, creator of the Dopamine Podcast, about why she created the Pamoja Podcast. Both ladies share about creating podcasts and why these platforms are important to their respective target audiences.One gets an insight into podcasting and the different - yet very similar - experiences the two have had trying to create content using such a medium. They talk about what impact means, experiences facing their biggest fears, and key lessons they've learned along the way. You've got to check it out! What do you think about the episode? Share with us your feedback & please share the episode with friends!LISTEN VIA LINK: https://bit.ly/2yIQI3j#podcasting #podcastsinafrica #womeninmedia #facingyourfears #change #islam #muslimsofuganda #muslimsoftheworld 
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