46 minutes | Jul 22, 2019

Season 1 Episode 06: What does Activism Mean to Ms. Hamidah Nassimbwa?

What does it mean to put your life and that of loved ones on the line in the name of political activism?  What does it mean to keep fighting for the country you desire to live in regardless of whether your loved ones approve of it or not? What does activism mean to Nnalongo Hamidah Nassimbwa, a political and human rights activist, and mother of four. Key highlights:03:30 - 03: 45: What does activism mean to Nnalongo Hamidah?16:30 - 22: 10: Nnalongo Hamidah shares her experience going to prison more than 10 times & how these experiences affected her children and relationship with her husband.22: 23 - 27: 17: What does it take to be an activist? 34: 23 - 39: 45: Key advise to young people interested in joining political activism
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