52 minutes | Jul 9, 2019

Season 1 Episode 05: What's it like growing up with a Muslim Dad and a Christian Mom?

Very often, when two people decide to get married and start a family, the conversation about how their religious or ideological differences affect how their children's growth and worldview, is often overlooked. This episode features stories of young adults growing up in such families and highlights their struggles, life lessons, and unique perspectives about religion and the world as a result. Rehema's key reflection/lesson from episode: It’s important for parents to start such a journey collaboratively and intentionally with a clearer plan/understanding about how to raise children amidst such differences/diversity. Instead of ostracizing children when they fail to live up to one's (religious) standards, impart these good values and belief practices by molding this behavior early on. Additionally, create a supportive environment for them to learn in order for them to make informed and balanced decisions when they grow older.Guests:-Afsa Karungi-Shamim-Dr. Bob Ssekyanzi
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