27 minutes | May 2, 2021

A Passion for Sports Journalism – Adam Hirshfield

Do you have the skill and passion to be a sports journalist? Adam Hirshfield, a senior NFL editor at The Athletic, reflects on his career in the new episode of the Paid by the Word Podcast. Over the course of his career, Adam has covered a wide range of sports – everything from high school football to the Olympics. Before joining The Athletic, Adam worked at USA TODAY, the NBA, Bleacher Report and The Palm Beach Post.  He is a graduate of Hamilton College in Clinton, NY. I caught up with Adam in February 2021, a couple of weeks after the Superbowl, and we had a great conversation about the joys – and the challenges – of sports journalism.  If you're not familiar with The Athletic, it's a subscription-based publisher specializing in high quality, in-depth sports coverage for die-hard fans. The Athletic has carved a niche for itself by offering original, authentic stories, written by talented local and national sports journalists.
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