26 minutes | Jul 27, 2014

Pages Podcast 05: I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes

So Kate and I are really behind this month due to work, summer, vacations and weddings, so my friend Jen Usellis filled in and we talked about a book we both received as a Klout perk, I Am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes. We both liked it a lot, and highly recommend it for some great (if somewhat gruesome) summer reading. Find the video version on YouTube (featuring Jen -- my side of our Google Hangout didn't show up). Since we didn't get to it this month, Kate and I will talk about Dovekeepers next episode. SHOW NOTES I Am Pilgrim Facebook page Hillary Buys Book, Talks About Chelsea ISIS Declares Caliphate As Iraq Fights To Retake Tikrit There still don't seem to be a lot of interviews, but here's a good one from the Del Mar Times. Interesting quote in answer to what he'd like readers to take away from the book: "A real concern for the dangers that confront us. There has been a huge hemorrhaging of previously secret information on the internet and that, combined with breathtaking scientific advances, has opened up a whole new world of threats. I just hope the people in Washington and London are listening —or reading." Islamist Fighters In Iraq And Syria Keep Tweeting Pictures Of Cats Jack Reacher (and my Stepdad liked the book, too) It may become a movie: MGM acquires rights to globetrotting spy thriller 'I Am Pilgrim' Turkey’s Ulitmate Party on Bodrum Beach I'm not positive, but I think the rave was based on the Halikarnas Disco in Bodrum (Turkey, not Greece).  There is also Club Catamaran, a floating nightclub. Not mentioned but also of interest: I Am Pilgrim on Pinterest For more about Jen, an amazing actress and vocalist (and the talent behind HIchop), check out www.jenusellis.com. UPDATE: David Brown (@DrBlogstein), who's been handling the publicity for I Am Pilgrim (and was the one responsible for getting a copy of the book to me when my Klout perk didn't show) tweeted us some links to interviews with Terry Hayes: The Movie Bit Podcast The Mark Larson Podcast FoxCT The Hollywood Reporter Coast to Coast with George Noory He also said been working on getting an interview with NPR!
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