54 minutes | Aug 31st 2020

36. The Mountain Between Us

Join us for a slightly rushed conversation about The Mountain Between Us. Book: Hey look, a perfect man shows off how stellar he is by taking care of an enfeebled woman while grieving for the totally unnecessary death of his wife and there is a lot of snow. Movie: Hey look, two well rounded characters who are strangers use teamwork to survive and there is a lot of pretty snow. And a really crappy final ten seconds. Also, this episode’s Star Trek reference is super relevant and Kaylia still hates love. Oy Vey! This episode was recorded around the following interruptions / life stressors. Jennifer having a surprise drop-in visitor. Kaylia being less than 24 hours away from having (yet another) eye surgery. Soooo we missed a few things and were very distracted. Apologies. For more information about this show as well as show notes (with sources!) visit www.kmmamedia.com
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