25 minutes | Sep 9, 2020

Michelle Vandepas | Positioning Yourself as an Expert in Your Field by Writing a Book

On this week’s P is for Profit, we speak with special guest, Michelle Vandepas. Michelle is an expert for entrepreneurs and personal development experts who want to share what they’ve learned with the world by publishing a book. She is the Co-Founder of GracePoint Matrix and GracePoint Publishing, the gold standard in concierge publishing. She is also an esteemed TEDx speaker and TEDx Speaker Coach.“In the process of publishing and marketing my first book, I started talking to other people about the mistakes that they made and what I do differently. Before you know it, I was merging my marketing consulting with book consulting and over 20 years, that morphed into specializing in publishing books. Eventually, I became Co-Founder and owner of a book publishing company. So I really understand the whole process, how you use it to market a business, how you go about writing a book when you're not a writer, and all the way through to publishing and marketing. And that just comes from being years in the industry,” says Michelle.We chat about Michelle’s journey to owning a publishing company, as well as: Why business owners should consider writing a book The importance of writing for your customers rather than for yourself The process of actually writing a book Common mistakes made by authors And more
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