43 minutes | Nov 1, 2017

Home has no Borders

(Episode 52) London, England. Ikram Hussain was born in Somalia, and moved to Norway when she was three months old. Shortly after, the civil war erupted in Somalia and all plans to return vanished. That didn't stop the Hussain's as they made a new life in Norway, and Ikram even competed in biathlons. You know, the one where you ski and shoot things. Ikram battled through many transitions in her life, some of them harder than others. Oh the language barrier, you are a cruel beast. That never stopped her though, and after looking back on her life she realized its not borders that define you, but home is where you make it. Support the show on Patreon! Follow me on Instagram Subscribe to the Show Write us a Review Music by Charlie Millikin Follow me on Twitter Join us on Facebook
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