4 minutes | Jan 15, 2019

The History Of Land In Kenya (Laikipia County) - Own Land In Kenya (@GoshenAcqLtd)

 http://goshenacquisitions.com/  Contacts Mobile - (254) 7-0001-0001 Email - Enquiry@GoshenAcquisitions.com  Goshen Acquisitions Ltd. is a Kenyan real estate investment and trading company registered in February of 2012. It has since endeavoured to make savvy and strategic investments in pre-developed raw land, in specific areas or regions of Kenya that are slated to experience some development of either the private or public kind. This pioneering approach has enabled Goshen Acquisitions to provide its customers with consistent realisation of robust, short and medium-term capital and equity gains created by the upsurge in property values driven by increased demand for property around these areas as a result of new development.  Unlink property agents and brokers, Goshen Acquisitions only sells land that it wholly owns, thereby ensuring the safe and accountable passage of real property and wealth to its valued customers. The team at Goshen Acquisitions is guided by an unwavering belief that the legal integrity of its transactions must be founded on irreproachable moral integrity. They have no tolerance for corruption and take no shortcuts in the due process necessary for secure land ownership documentation. #OwnLandInKenya 
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