68 minutes | Aug 24th 2016

Ep. 63 Andrea Klunder: Mastering Your Creative Impostor

Overcoming Graduation Ep. 63 Andrea Klunder: Mastering Your Creative Impostor 

From a young age, Andrea Klunder knew that music was her calling in life. She worked hard and got into Western Michigan to begin living her dream of studying and practicing music. Not too long after arriving, she found herself crying on a toilet, realizing that what she had worked for her whole life was not everything she had imagined it to be. 

She switched majors officially three times, graduated, and moved to Chicago to begin pursuing her dreams yet again. She worked at the Lyric Opera in Chicago, worked multiple side jobs, then decided to become an entrepreneur opening her own yoga studio. What at first was a blessing, running her own health and wellness business, eventually became the reason she was neglecting her own health and working 18 hour days. Finally she closed that business and realized she needed some time for herself. 

She took time to feel what she needed to feel and work through her depression following the closure of her business. Then she was struck with the inspiration to start a podcast. Today, Andrea is the creator and host of The Creative Impostor podcast, working to help everyone learn to live with and master the creative impostor that lives within each of us. 

In today's interview Andrea will discuss: 

- The definition of "Impostor Syndrome" and how it could be showing up in your life

- "Coworking Sessions" and how they could completely redefine the way you work and collaborate

- Your "Shadow Side," why you can't destroy it, and why you shouldn't

- The pluses and minuses in running your own business as a "Type A" personality

- Common misconceptions of what entrepreneurship is and how it looks/feels

- 2 powerful pieces of advice for anyone running their own business to keep from going under

And so much more! 

To learn more about Andrea Klunder and The Creative Impostor The Creative Impostor website: 

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