42 minutes | Jan 14, 2021

Thin Green Line

When producer/reporter Dan Taberski collected data about the long-running reality TV show Cops, he found that it depicts a distorted version of America: Where nearly all crime is associated with violence, drugs, or prostitution, and nearly every police encounter ends in arrest. There’s another reality TV show about law enforcement called North Woods Law. It follows state conservation officers employed by New Hampshire’s Fish & Game Department. But on North Woods Law, you’re more likely to see an injured loon than an honest-to-goodness arrest. If COPS presents a world more dangerous than reality, North Woods Law presents something else. But what? Featuring Jamiles Lartey, William Browne, Erika Billerbeck, Colin Woodard, Colonel Kevin Jordan, Dan Taberski, and Scott Rouleau. Sign up for the Outside/In newsletter for our biweekly reading lists and episode extras. Support Outside/In by making a donation.
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