41 minutes | Jun 3, 2021

In Pittsburgh

We’re exposed to plenty of invisible risks in our daily life: toxic compounds in the fabric of our couches, contaminants in the water, and pollutants in the air. A lot of the time, we don’t think too much about them. But sometimes, the invisible becomes suddenly, acutely visible. A story about the air we breathe, the risks we can live with, and what it means to become a citizen of a place. Featuring Susan Scott Peterson, Stella Peleato, Dr. Deborah Gentile, Rashmi Baliga, and Linda Wigington. Links and Resources To learn ways to improve your indoor air quality wherever you are, here’s a link to the ROCIS guide. For open-source air quality data in your location, visit the Purple Air monitoring network map. For more on air quality in the Pittsburgh region, start with Breathe Project and the Smell PGH and Plume PGH apps by Carnegie Mellon’s CREATE Lab. To learn more about air quality activism in Pittsburgh, visit the Group Against Smog and Pollution and Breathe Project. Sign up for the biweekly Outside/In newsletter. Outside/In is a member-supported production of New Hampshire Public Radio. To support work like this, please consider a donation to the show.
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