44 minutes | Dec 31, 2020

If You Wanna Get Kosileg, You Gotta Get a Little Friluftsliv

For many of us during the pandemic, the dark and cold of winter brings a special sense of dread. But it’s not just this year: the seasonal darkness often collectively takes us by surprise. Like clockwork, we forget how dark and cold it gets - and it turns out, there are reasons for that. But our perception of the seasonal darkness can also be influenced by our attitudes about it. In Norway, cultural ideas around winter help shape attitudes and experiences of the cold. The Outside/In winter fund drive is nearly over, and we’re almost to our goal of 100 donors! Visit outsideinradio.org/donate to support the show - and vote on the topic of a potential bonus episode if we reach our goal. First, there’s the idea of getting cozy, or kosileg. Think candles, slippers, the glow of a fire in the window on a snowy night, eating wood-fired pizza under the stars, or “the smell of baked goods and the Christmas tree,” said Anders Folleras, college friend of Sam Evans-Brown and honorary Outside/In Norwegian cultural attaché. Koselig is the Norwegian analogue of the Danish idea of hygge. But there’s another concept that goes hand-in-hand with koselig: friluftsliv. “Being outdoorsy, I’d say,” said Folleras. “Outdoor lifestyle.” Embracing friluftsliv means open-air living, or getting outside every day, and outdoor adventures for all ages. So, we think if you really want to get koselig, you’ve gotta get a little friluftsliv too. For a full list of the suggestions we mentioned in this episode, visit the episode post on outsideinradio.org.
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