22 minutes | Mar 13th 2016

Tobu Discs

In this episode of the Outside Health and Fitness podcast I’m talking with Chris from Tobu Discs about an amazing new and amazing Disc Golf Disc. On Today’s show you’ll discover… …a revolutionary new disc golf disc with on-board electronics; …why the PDGA has approved the Tobu disc for tournament play; …and how you can get one of these incredible discs for yourself! call the show: 207-370-9797 email: sws0926@gmail.com Become an Outside Health and Fitness Fan, support the show and get exclusive rewards! Tobu Disc Golf Discs About Chris Martin My guest today is Chris Martin. Chris has created the world’s first disc golf discs with onboard electronics. Chris’ invention allows players to track their discs with a mobile device if they get lost on the course.These discs are so revolutionary and of such high quality he was successful in petitioning the PDGA to change international rules so that Tobu discs would be accepted into tournament play. About Tobu Discs 3:17 Can you describe the Tobu Disc for us? Everyone has lost a disc playing disc golf. It can slow down the game and they can be expensive to replace.Tobu figured out how to create a track-able disc golf disc that is high quality. Tobu discs: Are made of a high medical grade plastic They have a small well in the center of disc on the bottom The well holds various electronics There’s also a plastic cover the screws down over the well to hold everything in place. The disc is modular, and the disc was designed from the ground up to ensure that the added weight did not impact flight performance. 5:15 Specifically Designed for On- Board Electronics It took a lot of trial and error to get it right. In fact, the Tobu team went through about 100 prototypes to get to the discs they have now. It’s a study of: the weight ratio between the flight plate and the rim how thick the rim needs to be where the moment of inertia is parting line height There were a lot variables to consider to get the disc just right. 6:23 PDGA Approved Chris had to petition the PDGA for about 6 months to consider modifying the rules to allow the Tobu Disc to be used in tournament play. For the PDGA it came down to reducing the time players spend looking for lost discs during tournaments. The disc meets the new updated standards of the PDGA. 8:06 The Disc is Modular Tobu Discs have different modules: The Tracker Module that comes with the disc connects through bluetooth to the Tobu app on your phone. It also flashes and beeps to help you locate your disc. The Starlight Module has super bright LEDs on it. With the Starlight Module in the disc it glows from the top, out the sides and from the bottom. It’s perfect for night time rounds. Another module that’s in development is a weight module which you can add to vary the flight path of the disc. Another module the team is just about to release is a module that will record flight data. It will track speed and rotation and maybe even more. 9:52 The Tobu Disc Line-Up Right now Tobu has 2 Fairway Driver discs in their line up. The Charge is a slightly overstable fairway driver. The King Roller is a very understable fairway driver designed for roller shots. The next disc the team is working on is a speed 11 or 12 distance driver. In the future Tobu has plans to develop a mid-range and a putter with the real benefit of these being the option to play at night. 11:22 Tobu Price Point $35.95 it may be one of the most expensive discs on the market but when you consider the high quality plastic and the track ability it’s very reasonable. In fact, (when you consider the cost of a traditional disc, if the tracker helps you find a disc you would have otherwise lost it’s paid for itself. 12:48 Shop Tobu Discs on-line Website: TobuDiscs.com or Trackabledisc.com  The Tobu Seeker is a portable technology that allows you to add the locator module to your favorite discs. Follow Tobu Discs On-Line Tobu Discs on Facebook Tobu Discs on Twitter Clean Eating Challenge I’m taking a clean eating challenge this month. I’ve been learning to coach others through this program and the feedback I’ve been getting has been incredible. People are thinking more clearly, they’ve broken addictions to sugary foods, their losing weight and inches and they love the food and feel entirely satisfied. I’m excited to start the program to gain more energy, break my coffee addiction, improve my focus, mental clarity and reduce belly bloating.  I’m starting the program on march 21st of 2016 and I’m going to chronicle my journey here on the show and let you know how I’m doing. If you want to join me I would really love to share this incredible 30 day journey with you. Give me a call at 207-370-9797 or email sws0926@gmail.com and I’ll get you all the details. Support the Show Become an Outside Health and Fitness Fan, support the show and get exclusive rewards!
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