9 minutes | Jan 10th 2016

Sick Fit

In this episode of the Outside Health and Fitness podcast I share info you need to know when you're sick and trying to decide if you should workout or not. On Today’s show you’ll discover... ...A simple way, when you are sick, to determine whether you should exercise or not; ...5 Reasons why you might want to skip exercising while sick; ...and some alternative exercises you can do to help you get through a cold if you determine exercise might be just what the doctor ordered. call the show: 207-370-9797 email: sws0926@gmail.com Become an Outside Health and Fitness Fan, support the show and get exclusive rewards! Podcast Replay Since it's cold and flu season I thought it would be a good time to replay Episode 104 "5 Reasons to Skip Exercising While Sick". If you do determine exercise is the best thing for you here's an excellent Yoga routine from Yoga with Adrienne for helping you feel better when you are sick or have a cold. https://youtu.be/n5YvtYXSocw Support the Show Become an Outside Health and Fitness Fan, support the show and get exclusive rewards! Help Us Spread the Word! We would greatly appreciate it if you could please share #OHnFit with your twitter followers. Click here to post a tweet! If you liked this episode please head over to iTunes and kindly leave us a rating, a review and subscribe! Ways to subscribe to Outside Health and Fitness Click here to subscribe in iTunes Click here to subscribe via RSS Click here to subscribe via Stitcher Feedback Ask questions, make comments, send in your favorite fitness tips or anything else you would like to share. Let your voice be heard! Call 207-370-9797 Email: sws0926@gmail.com Use our SpeakPipe Page! to send a FREE voicemail right from your computer, tablet or phone!
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